Go to the Lille Flea Market

Date Added: April 16, 2013 04:37:04 PM
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If you happen to be in the City of Lights enjoying one of those great paris hotel deals, why don't you book for a room in Lille and attend the Braderie in September? Known as the biggest flea market in Europe, the event is a must for those who love bargain shopping. Even if you're not much of a bargain hunter, you can still enjoy the fun and festivities that Lille has to offer for that occasion. Who knows, you might end up going home with a rare vintage item or two. Paris may get the lion's share of tourists all year round, but every first week of September, Lille is undoubtedly the star location in France. Therefore, you have to book for your room in a hotel lille weeks or even months before the actual event. Rooms that are as good as hotel lyon accommodations can be hard to come by considering the amount of people who will visit the market. Thousands of visitors flock to the winding streets of Lille to celebrate the tradition that goes way back to the 12th century. They say that the market started during the time when servants sell the unwanted items that came from the homes of their employers. As time goes by, the employers themselves joined in on the fun, doing the actual selling themselves. The market is for everyone, regardless of class or stature in life. Ever wonder how many stores there are in the flea market? Approximately 10,000 stalls selling practically everything, from clothes to ancient mousetraps. Here, a man's junk can become another man's treasure, so buyers are careful to scrutinize whatever item that may catch their fancy. The length of the stalls combined together amount to around 100 kilometers and this will be filled with tourists and locals alike during market day. The selling begins at 2 pm, so you can spend the morning watching the races and other festivities prepared for that day. Where to Navigate Now that you have a pretty good idea how massive the crowds are, it can be a huge challenge to navigate the streets of Lille to score the item you want. Wandering aimlessly is okay for those who have nothing specific in mind and will buy stuff when they see something they want. This doesn't work for those who are looking for particular items. The best way to go about this is to know which part of the market will sell your preferred item. The market will be divided into sections, each section selling a particular specialty. So if you're looking for Louis XV style chairs, you better center your game plan on the area of the market that sells vintage and antiques. That would be the Jean-Baptiste Lebas Boulevard, which sells fabulous antiques, or you can head to the Deule Canal or Façade de l'Esplanade, the places for décor furniture. Shopping Tips Aside from knowing which part of the market to navigate, it helps to know other shopping tips to make the most out of your Braderie experience. If you see an item that you really like, it's best to snap it on the spot and pay for it. With so many people looking for choice finds, there are lesser chances of being able to go back for the item you have spotted an hour earlier. Don't forget to haggle; flea markets are all about haggling and you may end up slashing the original price to half. If you're really looking for basement bargains, then rummage through the stalls on the last day of the flea market. Of course, the choice items may be long gone by then, but you may find something you like and get it for a fraction of the price.